Software Development Activities:

  • There are two approaches to analyze marksheets:
  1. Extract the text from the document and look for words in the extracted text that uniquely identify it as a marksheet
  2. Train an object detection algorithm to parse the layout of the document and match it with a pre-labeled design matching the corresponding university

Image Document Analysis Detectron2 walkthrough (Windows)

  • Assisted SagarS in MKCL TRY project. The user was not getting logged in as the proxy server was giving a 500 server error instead of redirecting to the try-server. Issue was resolved by replacing all instances of server in the client project with try-server, especially those .js files coming with GoLangFullStack template making the MQL calls.
  • Created a branch vm_remove_GolangFullStack to keep the log in/out time data code without the previously committed shortcuts/symlinks (symbolic links) to AS_MARK_IN_OUT_UPDATE branch accidentally as:
  • Started taking Geographical Information System (GIS) Knowledge Transfer (KT) from DigvijayP sir. The timings for the KT is 10 am to 12 pm everyday.

Business Development Activities:

Website for Department of Tourism, Rajasthan

RajCOMP Info Services Limited (RISL) is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Government of Rajasthan.

RISL has requested proposals for Selection of Agency for Study, Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance to revamp the Website of Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan.

Bidder will be selected according to Least Cost Basis Selection.

Resource requirements are:

1 Member of Business Development Staff as Business Analyst.

1 Member of Technical Development Staff as UI/UX Designer.

2 Members of Technical Development Staff as Developers.

1 Senior Project Associate-1 as QA Tester.

The estimated cost for undertaking and carrying out this tender is minimum ₹42.5 lakhs per year.

According to the Request for Proposals document, the revenue we can generate by winning this bid is between ₹70 lakhs to ₹2 crores.

This provides us with a comfortable profit margin of at least 40%.

The last day of bid submission is tomorrow, 23rd June 2023 by 3 pm.

But not to worry, the bidding dates have been changed thrice so far, so there is a slight chance that the end date could be extended further, once again.

Bids can be submitted on

Please go through the documents attached below:

1. Request for Proposals


2. Postponement of Start Date


3. Extension of Start and End Dates


4. Further Extension of Dates


Website for Telangana Human Rights Commission

MKCL has always been sensitive to social causes since its inception.

Today we have one more opportunity to continue on our path of reaching out to the common man.

The Human Rights Commission is responsible for spreading human rights awareness amongst the masses.

Telangana State Technology Services Ltd (TSTS),

On behalf of the Human Rights Commission, Hyderabad is inviting bids for

Design, Development, Implementation And Maintenance of Website for the

Department of Human Rights Commission, Hyderabad.

Tender document fee: ₹5000

Earnest money deposit: ₹50000

We will receive payment for the project in two parts:

50% after User Acceptance Testing and

50% after project completion.

Additionally, quarterly payments will be made to us for 3 years after project completion for maintenance of the website.

The website will contain around 15 pages the contents of which will be provided by the department.

This tender is closing on 6th July 2023 at 3 pm.

Further clarification can be sought from or

For more details, kindly refer the tender document attached below:


Business Opportunity in Haryana As Well As 6 km From Seawoods-BO

Good morning,

This new month brings with it more opportunities for business expansion.

Annual Maintenance Contract  of Cotton Corporation of India Website

Just 6 kilometer away from MKCL's branch office at Seawoods, is the head office 'Kapas Bhavan' of the Cotton Corporation of India.

Their website is which they are looking forward to maintaining.

We qualify all their criteria, especially the one requiring the tenderer to have a development/support office located in Navi Mumbai.

It behooves us to pay them a visit in order to understand their expectations.

I'm sure they would like MKCL, which has an office in such close proximity to them, to maintain their website.


Uttar Haryana Bijli Nigam Limited

We already have a strong foothold in Haryana in the form of HKCL. To consolidate our presence, we could bid on this tender by Uttar Haryana Bijli Nigam Limited.

We are especially qualified to bid as the average turnover of MKCL for the past three years has been ₹115 crores, which is higher than the ₹30 crore eligibility criteria required for this bid.

UHBVNL will accept technical and financial bids separately.

For more information, please contact:

01722570431 or


Bids are being accepted on

With regards,

Vedant Madane,

Project Associate.