I am pleased to report that during the month of April 2023, I have been actively involved in several projects that have helped to advance the goals of our team. Here is a summary of my key activities and accomplishments for the month:

Mentoring Kedar Kashid on using Git: In April, I provided mentorship to Kedar Kashid on using Git, a widely used version control system for software development. I helped him understand the basic concepts of Git, such as creating a repository, committing changes, and merging code changes. I also helped him learn how to use popular Git commands and tools, such as git clone, git add, git commit, git push, and git pull. As a result, Kedar was able to become more efficient in his work and contribute more effectively to our team’s projects.

Brainstorming with Rajivranjan Singh on documenting ERPS and making flowcharts: In April, I worked closely with Rajivranjan Singh on documenting ERPS (Enterprise Resource Planning System) and helped him create a flowchart for the same. I provided feedback on the flowchart and suggested improvements to make it more user-friendly and easy to understand. Additionally, I brainstormed with Rajivranjan to help him generate ideas on how to document the system more effectively. This collaboration helped Rajivranjan to create a comprehensive and detailed document, which will be valuable for our team’s future work.

Starting work on image cropping on the front-end client-side: In April, I began working on implementing image cropping on the front-end client-side. This involved using JavaScript and HTML5 to enable users to crop images before uploading them to our website. I worked closely with our development team to ensure that the new feature is seamlessly integrated into our website’s design and functionality. Although this work is ongoing, I have made good progress and I am confident that it will be completed successfully.

In conclusion, April was a productive month for me, and I am pleased with the progress I made on these projects. I look forward to continuing to contribute to our team’s success in the coming months.